Openedoo v0.1 Core

Hello friends of the OpenEdoo … !!!

We just released the first version of vO.1 which we named “Openedoo Core” on November 30, 2016. Probably the first version is still quite simple just some basic amenities that we provide. Like migration database, create a new module, and several features that can be used to use openedoo application program.

Migrate Database

	python db init
	python db migrate
	python db upgrade
	python --help 

Creat New Modul

	python create "module_name" 

OpenEdoo Features

	- Build from Flask
	- Werkzeug Support
	- Management Command Line
	- ORM Support (Database)
	- Database Engine Support
	- Mysql
	- SQLite
	- Postgresql
	- API Support
	- Third Party Module Support

You can use the terminal to run this application program with the following syntax:

python runserver 

Many explanations about the first version openedoo. I hope you liked our application program. Good luck … ^^