The Initial Introduction Openedoo

Openedoo is an open source platform (open), we’re sure you already know what it’s open source. Then we’ll just continue what the purpose of openedoo. Openedoo itself which aims to meet the needs of web, especially in the field of education. Openedoo itself is expected to be a future education platform based on the goals and needs. Openedoo is one web python framework built with the framework flask.

Database and Connectivity

On the basis of the flask then openedoo can make a good web framework for presenting the data in the form of XML, JSON, or create a simple web-based application. Equipped with SQLAlchemy openedoo can use multiple databases such as MySQL, or sqlite.

How To Use

  1. Openedoo based on git so that needs to be done is to clone.
    • [Git clone]
    • When you do not have git it can be downloaded at []
  2. Installing environment the overall needed by using the following syntax:
     sudo pip install requirement.txt.
  3. Edit File.